May 11, 20By Andre Mercado

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way people get together. During these times of social distancing, it may seem impossible to continue on with life, with your routines, and even more so with investing in a new property. 


You may think it's pointless to think about making such a big investment, given our current situation — and especially since it's nearly impossible to leave your own home. But through live videos, 3D virtual tours, and the most important one, practicing precaution, you can still make a worthy investment to secure you and your family's future.


Below, three reasons you should start thinking about investing in a property now:


Owners are letting go of properties below market value

As sad as it is to admit, the truth is that during these confusing and uncertain times, not everyone has enough cash flow to last them through the entire quarantine period. Which is why some property owners are looking to quickly sell some of their condominiums, land, or houses at a lower price to attract buyers and liquidate their holdings.


Longer payment terms and cheaper interest rates

With less money being circulated nowadays in the economy, banks and sellers have to adjust to sell properties. If you're sure about making an investment now, Signet Properties can help match you with a seller or financial institution that can adapt to your needs with payment terms that will suit your lifestyle and income. 


Once you find the right payment term and property for you, you can utilize our 3D embeds on our website to virtually visit a site without having to physically be there. We provide you with aerial, street, and map views of our properties' neighborhoods and surroundings so you can easily see what's in store for you when you move in. It's social distancing at its finest!


Special discounts

With the state of the Philippine economy, it's only a matter of time before property developers begin marking down prices. If you have had your eye on a property for a while, Signet Properties can help you check with the developer or previous owner to find out if they're adjusting their selling prices. The important thing to remember before pushing through with a transaction, though, is making sure you have enough to pay for it. 


It may seem exciting to make such a big purchase at a low price, but with major property investments, it's still and always vital to think before buying — is the property you're buying near where you work? Is it located in an area where you'll have easy access to basic needs? These are just some of the factors you should consider when purchasing real estate. 


When you're ready, Signet Properties will be there to guide you to the right investment for you.




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