Oct 26, 21By IQI Philippines
Buying overseas properties has become a norm for investors around the world. Still, most of them mainly focus on properties in popular cities. After all, the hotter the property, the better the investment, and the greater the possibility of appreciation. 

Overseas real estate is not particularly popular, but almost all regions have been invested in it. Did you know that the Asian region, like Japan, has better property value preservation? And that The United States and European countries have both value and good returns on their properties? Besides, some Southeast Asia have great potential for urban properties - and Manila's property from the Philippines is one of them!

1. What are the current property prices in Manila, Philippines? 

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is a fantastic city for real estate investment. Why? Although Manila is not a developed country, its overall environment is ideal and very livable - not to mention the economy, health care, and standard of living are all good. Therefore, choosing to invest in property here will at least ensure that demand is high. After all, the main population is gathered here in Manila.

Property prices in Manila, Philippines, are not very high compared to most cities. They are suitable for middle-class investors. The average price of an average property in Manila is around ₱1M ($20,000) per square meter, and the prices are increasing at a very high rate of about 15% per year. The main reason why there are so many people investing in Manila properties is that it has a lot of room for appreciation. 

Most of the properties to invest in Manila are condominiums, and the price of an average 20sqm-50sqm condominium costs about ₱25M - ₱50M ($500,000 - $1,000,000) mostly are fully furnished and ready to move in. They are also surrounded by convenient transportation and infrastructure, including shopping malls, hospitals and schools.

2. Specific prices in Manila by area  

Property prices in different areas of Manila are a bit different. For example, new properties in the casino area cost around ₱2M (RM190,000 - 220,000) per sqm. Recent developments by Chinese developers in Manila are relatively cheaper, with the average price of a property condo being ₱1M - ₱2M (RM149,000 - RM174,000) per sqm. Of course, there are also new properties with lower average prices, around ₱1M - ₱1.5M (RM97,000 - 123,000) per sqm.

If you're looking to purchase a second home in Manila, they're also available. But usually, the prices of such properties are not low. For example, the average cost of second homes in the casino area is around ₱1.5M (RM123,000 - 143,000) per sqm. Compared to new homes, second homes in Manila are not as popular as one would think. But for investors with little capital, second homes are something to consider getting into. 

3. Does Manila property still have investment value? 

Whether a property in an overseas market is worth investing in is usually judged by the market environment, the city's GDP per capita, the market supply and demand, and the property's price. The Philippine economy has been growing steadily for several years, exceeding 6% for eight consecutive years and even grew to 11.8% in Q2 2021, with the GDP per capita has reached about US$3,300.

Based on the analysis of the above trends, the Philippine property market has been in a golden growth period in recent years. In addition to being driven by the economy, the supply and demand of the market and the population also play a massive part in its growth. The relatively high population density in Manila and the predominantly young people contribute to the high demand in the housing market.  

The return on investment in the Manila real estate market is relatively impressive, with a low threshold for overseas investors. After buying an ideal investment property, they can earn a return of 5% in the short term, but of course, the percentage of recovery can reach more than 10% in the long term. From the data analysis, its rental return is maintained at 8%. Overall, property in the capital of the Philippines is more suitable for investment.

Understanding information given above, choose one these three projects that you might take interest in.

An upscale condo project from renowned Anchor Land located in Manila's China Town Binondo. Proximity to shopping district of Divisoria and landmarks that speaks the City's rich history.

Amazing sunsets and sunrise will be your view everyday as this condominium is located along Roxas Boulevard facing Manila Bay.

Living in this condo is an improvement to your lifestyle as it provides natural sunlight and cityscape view from where its located, in Ermita Manila.