Dec 03, 19By Rizza Sta Ana

Buying a house and lot in prime locations like BGC, Makati, and busier parts of Quezon City may require more than your usual budget. That is why Filipinos opt to live in condominiums that do not offer enough space for their buck. For some who have no choice but to get a bigger place because of a growing family, they are motivated to look outside prime locations that would hopefully be a little farther than their place of work or school.

But have you considered buying a townhouse for sale instead? We list the ways on why this is a great real estate choice:

1. A townhouse is literally a house on a plot of land.

In Asia, Australia, and South Africa, townhouses are regarded as a residential property with a Strata Title, or a type of title where the common property is owned by the home association and the townhouse units are owned by the unit owners. Townhouses are generally found in complexes.

2. You get more square footage than a condo.

The modern townhouse is designed as a vertical project that occupies only a small real estate footprint. Most townhouses offer living spaces spread across two or multiple floors. And because of the way they are designed, almost all townhouse units offer full-size common areas such as living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. In some cases, a townhouse project offers extra rooms future homebuyers can easily turn into whatever they need, like a home office, man cave, or a study room. 

As such, a townhouse is quite a popular option for growing families who need a little bit of wiggle room. 

3. They are usually in close proximity to or are in prime locations.

You can find most of these townhouses for sale in urban or densely-populated areas in Metro Manila. 

4. Most townhouses come with their own parking space.

The majority of townhouse developments are catered to homeowners with growing families. This demographic almost always demands enough parking space to accommodate their vehicles.

5. Property appeal and security is being taken cared of by a home association.

Although the townhouse units inside the complex are each owned and are of the responsibility by the individual homeowners, the home association takes care of the maintenance and upkeep of commonplaces and amenities within a townhouse complex. This also includes residential security and garbage maintenance, among other things.

6. Townhouses offer private accessibility.

In a condo development, homeowners often share pathways to and from their condo units. Townhouses, however, offer the privacy of having your own pathway without bothering the neighbors. As such, homeowners are allowed to conduct their own business at home without needing to give away obvious clues to the neighbors.

7. You can move in quickly to a townhouse.

A townhouse complex can be made up of as small as a few units in a row. As such, the real estate turnover is quicker because the developer will only build and finish a few units plus other common areas. Condominium developments or subdivisions, on the other hand, take longer because of the sheer number of units to build and finish.

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