Mar 20, 20By Sam Morales

Whether we like it or not, the coronavirus afflicting our country today is bound to stay in the next few months, or much longer. While it is imperative that we all comply with public health guidelines, including social distancing, we have at one point think of the inevitable: how we continue our way of life while living with the coronavirus pandemic.

The effect of coronavirus is already showing in the real estate industry, not just in the Philippines, but in the rest of the world. As a business that thrives on personal connections, it can be very difficult to do the usual activities towards a property sale. With trippings and open houses out of the question right now, how do you make things work?

If you are a real estate agent or broker:

1. Schedule a live house tour.

If you are living near or a walkable distance to the property you are showing, you can schedule a live house tour. This way, you can still drum up interest for people who are not only looking for properties in the location you are servicing, but also provide a real-time account of the property and the neighborhood during this health crisis. The live video will also provide an account of how well the neighborhood is doing in difficult or restricting situations. Agents can also entertain questions live while showing the house.

You should also record your live tour so you can repurpose the video content for new leads.

2. Use virtual tours.

If your neighborhood will be on complete lockdown for a while, you can utilize virtual tours instead. Virtual tours are pretty handy when it comes to providing a visualization of the property you are selling or putting up for lease without compromising public safety and health.

Signet Properties utilize 3D embeds as virtual tours for many of the major preselling projects in Metro Manila. 

3. Schedule as promised, but practice precaution for you and your potential buyers.

If curfew in your location has been eased out, and you have urgent buyers who are seeking properties to buy or rent, you can schedule one but make sure you implement the necessary public health measures. 

Implement social distancing by putting a one-meter spacing between you and your client. Make sure you wear not just a mask, but also a hairnet, body apron, protective hand, and shoe gloves before entering the property. Provide also the same gear to your clients. 

Make sure you are the only one who will open and close the doors and windows, and pull any knobs or openings to reduce the health risk. After showing, disinfect the entire property by yourself or hire a trusted cleaning service to do the job for you.

4. Always follow through with the tripping or open house.

It is very important that there is follow-through one or two days after tripping or house showing. Have a copy of a potential total contract price on hand to send over while on the phone with your potential client. Make sure your property listings have all the information needed to back it up. 

If the client requires more information about the residential or commercial project your property is located in, utilize project pages. Project pages at Signet Properties also come with relevant information like a commute map, updated Street View, and mortgage calculator.

It is a challenging time indeed for the real estate market. But it is also important to prepare for situations like this, especially if the situation does, unfortunately, become the norm.

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