Jan 14, 20By Sam Morales
The last quarter of 2019 was a full quarter for Team Signet Properties, but we also found time as a team to bond, relax, and unwind.

Team Signet Properties in Calatagan, Batangas

Last November 8, 2019, our family in Signet Properties, separated into three cars and left BGC at 1 pm for our Team Outing in Calatagan, Batangas. It was our time to unwind and bond with each other. 

Our journey took us 4 hours and 30 minutes to arrive at Calatagan. The ride was spent with most of us asleep for the first few hours but as our destination neared, almost everyone was belting to the music that was played in the car. The music genre ranged from the early 2000s to Korean pop songs. It was clear that everyone was excited.

 As soon as we arrive, we unloaded the cars. Everyone helped each other in carrying the food and tents.  We were also reminded that we should always be with someone whenever going to the comfort room for precautionary measures. Right after, we began setting up our tents and since it was dark, headlamps and even the flashlight on our phones were out. What's interesting enough is that we had fairy lights so while we were setting up the tents, the others were wrapping the trees surrounding our camp with fairy lights to illuminate our surroundings.

As soon as everything was settled, some of our family members began cooking dinner. Our menu included tilapia, longganisa, tokwa at baboy, and adobo. You can never go wrong with Adobo. One of the favorite dishes of Filipinos, I included. While those members were cooking, the others and I started changing into comfortable clothes. We were chatting with those whom we were not with while in the car on how was the ride. 

The camp was so lively and filled with laughter. Even though the ride was exhausting with how far it is, it seemed that once we were all together we had our energy back. Stories were shared, jokes were thrown here and there. We even brought a volleyball! Some of us were itching to play ever since we knew we had a ball we could borrow. Although it wasn't an official volleyball match, our laughter, taunts, and teasing were heard a mile away. I would gladly have another game with the others when getting back! 


As we delved deeper into the night, everyone was still up and about. There were others who were in the camp, eating and chatting. We, on the other hand, settled not too far from camp but near the sea. The older members of our family were sharing experiences and advice to the younger ones. I definitely felt that we were a family that cares for the welfare of each other. The older members have always been there, guiding us and caring for us which is also felt in the office. 

This continued late into the night, at exactly 12mn, we sang a happy birthday song to one of our November celebrants, who celebrated his birthday with us on that exact day, November 9th. After our midnight escapades, we were exhausted. So we decided to settle down for the night. We were looking forward to tomorrow, after all, one of the highlights of our outing is swimming in the sea. 

On the next day, there were those that were up as early as 4:30 am. Surprisingly everyone woke up early even though there was no work that day. As expected almost all were excited about the sea. Immediately changing into their swimming clothes, they rushed into the sea and while they were at it, they had a game of dodgeball in the water. The others and I stayed on the shore, collecting shells and preparing our food for breakfast. It wasn't that sunny at all, the weather was so nice and cloudy. The sea breeze was amazing and felt cool to the skin. 

For lunch, it was our turn to help in the cooking. We prepared sinigang, tilapia, inihaw na pusit, inihaw na liempo and inihaw na bangus. While preparing, the others and I were discussing random topics like how to speak in different languages to the number of cats that surrounded us while we were stuffing the squid. Those glares unquestionably spoke volumes! 

When lunch was served, it was similar to a crowd of zombies rushing towards camp. The others came from the sea though, which was still hilarious. The sinigang was actually perfect for the weather and went well with the other dishes. 

After eating, we cleaned and packed everything we brought but before leaving, we made sure to clean the area we stayed at.  And of course, to remember this outing, we took a group picture. I remember distinctly how everyone was huddled together and wanted to get the picture as soon as possible because the sun decided to show and it was so hot. The group picture taken had some wacky photos for sure. We can't seem to stay still!  The ride home was more relaxed than on our way to Calatagan, everyone was asleep in the car. Only the music can be heard and maybe some snores. In Signet Properties we treat each other as family, and we'll always encourage and support each other through our journey. This is just one of the many adventures that await us. And we do look forward to what the future has in store for us. 

Theme Dates at Signet Properties

Last November 22, our company held a short sports attire competition. This was a competition that was a team effort. Each team would take a picture in their respective sports attire as a whole and the team with the most "sportiest" look would win Yellow Cab Pizza. All of us wanted to win!  Who wouldn't want free food?

This event was to celebrate the recent major sports events and the SEA games, we wanted to support our Filipino athletes are competing. 

On that day when it was announced- November 21, four of us were at an event, so we were informed through our respective teams and our heads. We were so into planning what kind of attire we would wear that we all were laughing our hats off because of the ideas that we were throwing around. That's because our team- CS, HR, and Marketing, had a secret weapon that even we didn't want to face if we ended up on the opposing team. This person had an epic idea on what to wear! A complete attire to boot! 

On the morning of the competition, our table was busy as a bee. It was a regular workday after all. The start of the competition was at 11 am and so at 10:30, we started changing clothes and fixing our hair. Our secret weapon was the last to change his outfit, as they said: "Save the best for last!".

The other teams had changed too! To see everyone in a sports attire, it almost felt like we were the ones competing for the Philippines. The office was so lively and rowdy, everyone was making final preparations for the competition.  

To decide the order of who will have their pictures taken first, we had a roulette decide for us. Let's have you identify yourselves what sports do you see in these entries. 



You wouldn't believe the process it took to get those pictures! There were people laughing, others were directing others how to strike a pose. The manner of getting the right one itself is hilarious enough. It's so obvious in the photos above. That's why we were limited to only two shots. From there we would choose our entry photo. 

After all the entries were done, waiting for the winning team had everyone at the edge of their seats and glued to their phones or laptops. The winning team was announced in our group chat. Our CEO certainly knew how to tease everyone who was waiting for it! We all could see him typing in the other room as well as on the group chat. Yet what we thought was the name of the team who won was being typed, it was actually an opening statement to introduce the winner! After some groans and whining here and there, the results were up and voila!

It doesn't end there though! Our CEO revealed that there's more! Everyone gets pizza!!! The cheers can be heard all over the office. What a way to end our theme day!