Aug 07, 20By Maryl Robleza

With all the stress the world is facing right now; we spend most of the time indoors, anxious and worried about what the future holds. This is why you’ve probably noticed that people are starting to redecorate spaces in their houses little by little. One of the ways to cope with what we are going through right now is through “power nesting”. Staying at home most of the time makes us reflect and inspires up to turn our own homes into cozy spaces for work and play.  There is a dramatic surge of interest in home improvement, gardening, basic redecorating and interior renovations in the past few months. Most people from different parts of the globe find it therapeutic to stay in a more comfortable and well designed home. Read this article to learn about some simple tricks on how you can redesign your homes and turn into a sanctuary. 

Plants- One of the ways to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your homes is by welcoming new plant babies into your interiors. Everyone is getting their hands on different types of indoor plants that will immediately brighten up any room. You can pick easy to care plants as a start. Whether in your room or in your living area, these eye catching gems can not only bring visual appeal to your area but it can also improve the quality of air inside the home. Try buying a Draceana Anita, Selloum or Rubber Plant and elevate your space with this simple move. 

Paint- A splash of colours added to your home do magic. Do not underestimate the power of paint in transforming any space. Scan your home and pinpoint possible accent walls. Start with a theme. Then upon finalizing your design story just match up the paint color to support your vision. Pick a color palette for your chosen room based on the purpose of the space. It is best to have that picture in your head first on how you want a certain space to “feel” like. Every color derives a certain feeling from us. It is best if you will not just look at the aesthetics but on the general effect a certain color has for you. Find out more about color therapy and its therapeutic wonders.

Purpose- You might just have decided to redecorate your space altogether. This will require decluttering and more careful planning because you want to maximize the pieces that you have and keep what you can. This is where the purpose of the space renovation comes in. If you want to revamp your home in a major way, it is still best to talk to an interior decorator so they can properly lay out the floor plan and balance the overall aesthetics to the functionality of your space. Considerations like having kids at home or elderly that will use the space are very important. Remember that a design must support your lifestyle.

Building your own sanctuary at home requires work but “power nesting” in a zen space makes it all worth it. You can do simple tweaks and grand renovations depending on your budget. Just make sure that you make the process stress-free and seamless as possible by finding out what you want to make out of your space. Do not hesitate to ask for help, look for pegs and seek recommendations. If you are also planning to move out from your existing home in search of a bigger space like a condo or townhouse, feel free to find great options at Signet Properties. Conveniently search for condos, houses, and townhouses that are either for sale or for rent on our website. You can see the units in 360 degree aerial view and find our partner developers with available units within the area of your choice. We made the experience of house hunting more efficient for you. 



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