Feb 07, 20By Sam Morales

Do you have a real estate property for sale or rent? Whether it is a condo, house and lot, townhouse, or commercial property, getting your property in front of as many people who are actually looking is better than just publishing it online.

Signet Properties is a lead generating advertising firm that can definitely help you with getting your properties to the right eyes! Here’s a step-by-step on how to take advantage of our listing platform online:

Step 1: Register an account online

Registration is pretty straightforward. The site will require you to verify a valid mobile number that potential homebuyers or renters can reach you about your property for sale or rent. Once you have verified your number, you will be directed to the Dashboard.

Step 2: Add a listing.

On the dashboard on the left side of your screen, click  "Add Listing". 

There are a total of things to do to add your property in the listing. You will be asked to indicate the following information to complete the data needed for your listing. 

Step 3: Complete your property details

One thing prospective homebuyers and renters do not like is an incomplete listing. Make sure that you provide the following details:

  • Listing type - Is your property for sale or for rent?

  • Property type - Is your property a Condominium, House and Lot, Townhouse, Office Space, Commercial, or Raw Lot?

If you wanted to post a listing for a pre-selling property, this service is not available at the moment. However, you can still sign up with us and get leads for your pre-selling condo, townhouse, or house and lot (more on that later.)

If it is a Condominium, House and Lot, or Townhouse unit, you need to provide additional details, including:

  • Price - Total Contract Price

  • Bedroom details - Is your property a studio type? If not, fill out other details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking spaces, floor area (in sqm), furnishing, and if it has a balcony.

If it is an Office Space or Commercial unit, you should be able to provide the following details instead:

  • The number of bathrooms, the floor area, if there is a balcony, the number of meeting rooms, and if the unit has a pantry.

Step 4: Provide the listing’s address

The address should be informational enough that your potential buyer or renter has an idea of where exactly it is and which neighborhood is it in. Specific details such as its accessibility to points of interest will also help potential buyers and renter picture out the location of your listing:

  • The Unit number/ House number/ Townhouse number

  • Floor/Number of Stories/ Subdivision

  • Condominium name 

  • Province

  • City

  • District

  • You may also pin the location of your property


Step 5: Provide  a descriptive title and description with keywords your potential clients might use

For your listing title, be selective about the keywords you use. There is a limit to the number of characters in the listing title, so stick with the name of your property for sale or rent, property type, and location. If you need to use abbreviations, make sure you try to type them up in Google or any other search engine first to see if people are using them.

For example, the listing title “Asia Enclaves, 1 Bedroom Condominium Unit For Sale in Sucat, Metro Manila” can be shortened to “3BR Asia Enclaves Condo For Sale in Sucat, Paranaque.”

You can be a little creative in your description of your property listing. Do note though that you can write a description of up to 300 characters. Try to write a description by providing information unique to your listing.

An example of a short informative description is written below:

“Located at the heart of Makati City, this three (3) bedroom condominium unit is accessible to convenient transport terminals, making it an ideal living space for young professionals seeking both comfort and convenience.

Step 6: Upload high-quality photos 

If you really want to make your listing stand out, upload photos that really show the condo unit, townhouse, house and lot or commercial property you are listing. Use a high-quality camera or hire a professional to take the photos for you. Here are some examples:

(Avoid using photos like this that block the facade of the house)

(An example of a good listing photo)

If you intend to use photos from your broker franchise or developer, make sure that you credit them in the description. On the other hand, it is highly discouraged to use borrowed photos on all your listings as it will decrease the quality of your listing. It may not even end up getting published as our system might distinguish it as a duplicate or dubious listing as it may have been posted by a different person.

Here are our guidelines for uploading photos:

  • Photos that include contact information, watermarks, URLs, and are in the form of collages will be taken down from the listing.

  • Landscape photos of properties are ideal; in line with this, vertical and panoramic photos are discouraged as they do not usually showcase the property advantageously 

  • As a standard, there must be at least two (2) distinct photos that correspond to the listed property. The higher quality the photo, the better. (Maximum of 5mb per photo)

  • Digitized or rendered illustrations of properties are strictly not allowed. However, floor plans are acceptable but only when it is accompanied by actual photos of the property itself. 

Step 7: Preview your submitted listing before completing it

Do at least a glance-over to make sure you have not missed anything. Once you are comfortable with your submission, complete the listing submission. Your listing will undergo screening where our Support team would make sure the listing has the information needed, the instructions were followed correctly and is ready for publishing. Once it is approved, you will see the published listings via the Dashboard.

Which listings are acceptable for posting?

  • Only units that are labeled as Ready for Occupancy (RFO) are accepted for posting. This includes units that either have been brought directly from the developer or have been built for profit which is for sale or for rent.

  • Post one property unit per listing per property. Multiple property units in a single listing is strictly discouraged. 

Ready to submit your listing? Login and Add a Listing at www.signetproperties.ph!