Feb 13, 20By Sam Morales

A huge portion of the property buying (and even selling) process involves working with a real estate agent. From the first time you contact one with an interest about a condo for sale in BGC or a house and lot in Cavite, you will be talking to the real estate agent back and forth, and sometimes repeatedly, about many things regarding the property you are interested in.

But for those who have started their homebuying journey, it can be difficult to find the one who will work with you the way you want it to be. Like any other profession, some agents are good, some are bad with communication, and some are in between. Successful homebuyers will tell you that they “got lucky” with their agent, but not necessarily because the agent is competent.

But if you are already working with one and you are not getting some progress, here’s how to get want you want with your real estate agent:

1. Know what your real estate agent can and cannot do for you.

Real estate agents can provide information that is pertinent to the condo, house and lot, townhouse, or commercial property you are interested in. Your real estate agent can also do the following, including:

  • Consultation to find the property you need, including location, neighborhood, etc.;

  • Financing options, including pre-approval 

  • Tripping or property tour

  • Purchase price negotiation

But just like any other person, there are some things that your real estate agent can’t do or unable to do unless you get the agent’s permission. For example, is your real estate agent comfortable with your 9PM calls or 6AM emails? Will you still continue to work with your real estate agents and consider other professionals? Up to what point in your negotiations with your real estate agent can you cancel? If you have questions like any of them, make sure you voice them out to your real estate agent.

2. It pays to be professional, even if the real estate agent does not afford the same courtesy at times.

From the moment you inquire about the property online, you are already in negotiation mode with the real estate agent, and there are certain professional expectations you will need to respect. Since you have initiated the contact, you are already engaging the real estate agent’s expertise and time. 

3. Document your agreements.

When engaging with your real estate agent, make sure that any agreements that involve major commitments should be in writing and notarized. You’ll thank us later come the time when even the most minute or smallest of details could be the contesting point in your sales contract (i.e. pet policy, parking privileges, unpaid association fees), and could very well be the leverage you need to resolve your complaint in your favor.

4. If a misunderstanding arises, don’t play the blame yet.

If you and the real estate agent have a misunderstanding, determine first if it is or if it is a difference in your interpretation of a clause or agreement. Read everything that was sent to you first, including your text messages or emails in case something might jump out. If it is still unacceptable, schedule a meeting to sort out or compromise on something you can both agree on. 

5. If no resolution arises, move on or seek help elsewhere.

Your real estate agent will always understand if you decide to not continue working with him and her. But if you treat your real estate agent with professional courtesy throughout your engagement, your real estate agent might help you in other aspects, like referring you to another one who can or suggest a property that might be worth your while instead.

6. Be honest.

If there are things that are not in order on your end, let the real estate agent know. Remember, you are not the only client here. Be upfront and tell it as it is so the real estate agent can resolve things faster.

7. Don’t take it personally.

Real estate agents are more receptive and helpful if you keep your cool. At the end of the day, you are both trying to reach a similar goal, which is finding a property to its new home.

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