Jan 20, 20By Sam Morales

These days, condo unit sizes are getting smaller and smaller while prices are getting more and more expensive. However, whether by choice or by necessity, condo remains to be a popular choice for their next home or real estate investment.

In designing a condominium unit, one must consider the unit's dimensions. Knowing the size of your unit saves the time of you thinking whether or not the furniture you plan on buying can fit the unit. Once you know your unit's dimension, you can plan out how you want your unit to look.  Here are some tips on how to style them!

Studio units

If your condominium unit is a studio type with a floor area of 19sqm-27sqm or a one-bedroom unit with a floor area of 30-35sqm, multipurpose furniture would definitely save some space. In order to make use of this space here are some ideas on how to design your studio unit. 

1. Make use of a divider

A divider allows you to separate your condo living space. This is particularly useful if you intend to have an area for a small kitchen, living room or bedroom. It also creates a sort of boundary if you want privacy for yourself or for your guests if the bedroom has no wall or anything that separates it from the common areas.

2. Get furniture fitted for small spaces

Multi-purpose furniture are perfect in furnishing small spaces. And because they are multi-purpose, you only buy what you actually need. An example of a multi-purpose furniture is a bed that can be converted into a sofa. 

Make sure also that the dimensions of your furniture are up to scale to your actual condo size and your needs.

3. Install smart storage

Storage makes your condo unit look clean and orderly. This is because you can stow your things away when not in use instead of it tucked away in a corner. A decluttered space will also make your space cleaner and pleasing to the eye.

4, Get shelves

Shelves add personality to the unit especially if the items places are collectibles, books or pictures with frames. It would also be useful if the shelf itself is multi-purpose. For example, a shelf can be folded extended to serve as a table and folded back when done.

5. Create an illusion of space with mirrors

Mirrors can also be good for making space look bigger. When positioned properly, it can bring natural light back to your condo. They can also reflect illuminated areas of your unit.

Two-bedroom and three-bedroom units

Bigger units like two-bedroom units and three-bedroom units that range from 35sqm to 50sqm have a little more legroom than studio units. So the question you should be asking is this: how do I want to furnish my home? Here are some considerations in designing a two-bedroom and three-bedroom unit: 

1. Do you have a style or theme?

You can play around with themes that suit your tastes. If you are going for a natural aesthetic then you can go with wood or earth colors or maybe you want a beachy design, then use white and seafoam green as your color palette then get furniture that goes well with your unit.

2. Do you plan to paint your walls?

Painting your walls can give you the freedom to do it yourself at the same time it's fun to do but can be quite taxing. If property management is too restrictive, you can utilize removable wall decor or art for some splash of color or dimension.

3. What do you plan for the rooms?

If you are someone who works out periodically, you can consider setting up a mini-gym in one of the rooms. You can also utilize the extra space as a walk-in closet for your shoes and clothes. Whatever you decide, your plans for the extra space should be furnished to support its purpose and avoid it from turning into unused space later.

4. Do you have a lot of things? 

With a unit as big as this, adding personalized items are what most people do. It gives the unit a vibe that screams YOU. But make sure also that as you go through your items, the items should be able to complement your lifestyle.

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