Mar 03, 20By Sam Morales

Especially in a competitive market, selling any type of product or service can be really challenging, frustrating and time-consuming. You have to open up to a prospective client first, present your offer so that it looks more beneficial to the client, follow up with the progress until you get that sweet yes.

And then you have to do this with probably 5 or 6 other clients, each with different wants and needs and personalities.

Signet Properties recently conducted its first Real Estate Sales Training with mentor Glennis Nitafan of Re/Max Premier Manila. Nitafan, who brought over 20 years of experience in real estate experience from low, mid and high subdivisions and condominiums, shared some insights on how he and his team continue to close real estate sales.

Tip #1: Don’t spend so much time on marketing.

Talking to our first batch of early-adopter trainees, he said, “I can say 70% you spend it on marketing. By doing all the online and traditional marketing palang ubos na oras mo. That's what I realized na madalas nagmamadali ang isang agent kase transactional siya, because he doesn't have enough time anymore, because karamihan ng time nya na yung kinonsume nya sa marketing.”

“The real part why you're here in real estate is to sell. Pero nakakalimutan nyo most of the time, build relationships, take time, hindi yung pagupo benta kaagad. Kamustahin mo, para maintindihan mo kung fit sya dun sa property na binibigay mo, that's why you're a property specialist,” he said.

Tip #2: Engage with clients who are genuinely seeking you out.

While it can be tiring to entertain all prospective clients, Nitafan said it is actually better to entertain clients who are seeking you out. There is not much effort put in to engage with interested clients as compared to leads who only associate you with your listing ads or posts.

Now how do you make prospective clients seek you out? Establishing your brand at the onset is key. If you are a Signet Properties user, it is important that you use a professional photo as your broker image and provide your name and valid contact number. This demonstrates your transparency and openness as a professional.

Tip #3 Seek your team.

Nitafan, who is also part of the executive management of Re/Max Premier Manila, said, “Real estate is hard to do. Pag wala ang team what will happen to you? Disabled, wag yung ikaw lang, like yung Golden State Warriors, isang team yan, lahat yan gumagawa, may matututunan ka sa bawat isa… So seek your team. There are many people willing to help but you have to ask for it.”

Being with the right people can help you tremendously. If you feel that you are not in one, try to seek consultation with other teams or other colleagues. You will be surprised with the amount of information and input they will provide to help you close your sale.

Tip #4: Close more and close better.

The trick to closing more and better is to create a sense of urgency while guiding them towards the end of the line. 

Nitafan shared, “So why are we closing more? Because we always ask for the sale. Pagdating sa condo, you like the condo? Okay if you want to make an offer on this I'll send you the letter of intent, so you send it to the client now, like what's your full name, I just sent it to your email for signing. If wala, here's my iPad, sign mo lang, sign mo yung letter of intent, ganon.”

Nitafan also said another trick is to make your clients feel that they are taking the lead, but do step up your subject matter expertise when needed. He added, “Our job is to close sales. Pagdating (sa condo), oh okay ba sayo? Bigay ko na, that's it. I'm not there to present it to you, ilang sqm to ganyan ganyan, ito po yung kitchen, halata naman tong kitchen, yung iba napakadaldal. When you show a house, just stay there. Sa likod ka lang. Kapag may tanong, what kind of wood is this? That’s when you, ay this ganyan ganyan. Kailangan alam mo yung mga detalye na yun. Pati gripo alam mo. Tignan mo yung heater, dapat kabisado mo yan.” 

Tip #5: Strategize on how to overcome objections.

“This is our business - 99% rejection,” Nitafan said. This being said, it is important to come up with a strategy for any type of objection to reduce resistance. Opening and sharing this strategy with your sales team is good too as they can probably think of other scenarios without testing an ongoing client relationship.

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