Feb 09, 21By Maryl Robleza

No thanks to the global pandemic, which is still currently wreaking havoc in the global economy with new variants emerging out of the woodwork, many Pinoys are struggling to stick to their jobs or find better financial prospects to keep afloat. And with travel restrictions left and right, the chances of landing jobs abroad might be slimmer than usual as well. 

However, that’s no reason you shouldn’t take a look at the many worthy prospects out there so you can get ready when all this COVID-19 haze clears up. And it would probably be best to first review what current opportunities are available in our neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Take Singapore for example where startups abound and flourish as the tech boom opens up more jobs for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). You’ll never know just how soon you can get the chance to sign that dotted line for long-term work if you don’t review the possibilities.

To give you an idea why Singapore seems like the best alternative for OFWs right now and which job prospects are in its market, here are some insights worth considering:

No hassle application

Today’s fast-paced tech growth is opening new doors for employment and Singapore serves as one of its gateways. Thanks to easy to use apps and highly-functional websites, applying for a job in Singapore can also be just a click away—literally. While the COVID-19 threat in the island is currently at the moderate level of 2, OFWs can still work with potential employers using CommonPass which can give you an all clear pass from Singapore’s local authorities by sharing your health information. Singapore Airlines has similarly amped up its COVID-19 digital verification to make the sharing of passenger vaccination info and test results more convenient and faster.      

Aside from these innovative ways to keep the economy going, Singapore employers only need a few basic employment requirements that may include but are not limited to your educational background, NBI clearance, birth certificate, and your passport. Once you secure all of these and other minor requirements, then you can probably land a handsome contract as an OFW in the Lion City in no time.  

Good real estate investments

Another good reason you should channel your financial prospects toward Singapore is how its real estate industry, particularly in housing markets, has shown promise in recent years. Through crowdfunding strategies with rising real estate platforms such as Flint, you can make investments with other investors that will help you cushion the blow of a high capital. Plus, these platforms give you a good ROI with Flint shelling out 10% or higher returns for every investment that’s no longer than 15 months. That’s clearly a win if you’re looking to earn some passive dough which can give you P91 per month for a year, for the small investment of P1000. 


More job opportunities that promise growth

Despite the pandemic, Singapore still offers jobs for OFWs in the thousands. Just a quick peek at Jobstreet, and you’ll see various opportunities ranging from corporate positions to retail, to transportation, to machine operators even. Filipinos do have a high chance of landing jobs in the Lion City for the long-term given our business acumen, great business communication skills, not to mention our well-documented work ethics. Not surprisingly, openings for medical staff are the ones that are truly in demand in Singapore (or anywhere else) these days, followed by IT developers and designers, as well as domestic helpers. 

If you think you have what it takes to apply for a job in the Lion City, check out the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) portal then go ahead and look for something that suits your skills. After all, opportunity knocks but once and we resilient Filipinos are certainly competitive enough to jump at it no matter what!