Feb 09, 21By Maryl Robleza

The term “small house” refers to homes that are evidently smaller than average size. Nowadays, function versus grandiose wins over family homes because people are starting to invest in other things aside from their abode. There are several factors that led to this trend. Primarily, it is because of the increasing demand and cost of land especially in urban areas. The convenience brought upon by small homes makes it easier for families and young professionals to invest in it. Aside from this, the busy lifestyle of property owners usually makes their homes just a sweet spot to go home to. Hence, they opt for a more maximized home when it comes to space and minimal when it comes to furniture and space.It is also easier to maintain and to build.  If you are on that stage of your life wondering if a small home would work for you, here are some of the advantages that will convince you to switch up and invest in your first small home yourself. 


Getting your hands on a lot and saving up for construction and renovation of an existing home would definitely cost a fortune. This is one of the main reasons why property owners want an option where there will be no to minimal renovation or construction required. Condominiums are selling like hotcakes because it is already ready for occupancy and with just a little home fluffing you can enjoy your home right away. There are also more flexible terms when it comes to payment which allows buyers to occupy the home and just pay monthly premiums to slowly acquire it. This is not the case for larger homes, it will require a huge lump sum and some turn to bank loans just to own it. 


Another factor that tops our list is the convenience of owning a small home. First, it is easier to maintain. With the limited space available, property owners get more creative in maximizing their space so that every nook and corner has a function. Lesser space, lesser furniture means lesser effort for homeowners to clean it up. Smaller homes located in urban cities also provide the comfort and convenience of bringing all you need, near you. Most of the working professionals whether single or married value their time. Hence, when they invest in a small home like a condo or apartment that are near banks, hospitals, malls and grocery shops, they are ticking less time to spend on errands and they now have more time to enjoy with their families or for themselves.


Owning or renting a small home is more flexible than investing a full blown property which will be harder to let go. Should you need to move out or find another place to live in, property owners of large homes may find it hard to reinvest in another home if they’re poured their resources and money into that  house already. So if you enjoy spontaneity and want to have flexibility to move in or move out whenever you like, there’s less risk in investing in a smaller home. You can try out different areas too before committing to fully settle down and get a large space to build your dream house. 

Speaking of convenience, it is best for you to explore your options before committing to a property. If owning a “small home” is your choice right now, you can find the right condo or house available with just a few clicks from your laptop. Signet Properties utilizes the latest technologies such as location navigation which offers a street view and map view of the nearest establishments near your chosen property and their very own mortgage calculator. Through Signet, conveniently browse through the wide array of properties in 360 degree aerial view. Your small home can be found without you leaving your house! How convenient is that. So if you opt for convenience, affordability and flexibility, take the first step by searching for the best small home for you with the help of Signet.