Nov 08, 19By Sam Morales

Commuting in Manila takes not only a lot of time but also does damage to the health of the person. It is common knowledge to every commuter who experience heavy traffic daily that it causes increased levels of stress. More so for people commuting during rush hour, where everyone is eager to either get home or not be late for work. 

Due to the long hours of commuting, it also causes loss of precious time which can be spent productively elsewhere. Instead of being able to be productive at home or work, people are stuck in their private cars or public vehicles, or even on the sidewalk waiting for a ride.

This is why for many homebuyers, the prospect of a future home that is walkable to their workplace, school, or specific points of interest is non-negotiable. 

Introducing commute feature in Project Page

Looking for the right property that is in close proximity to the places you want to be? Property searching via Signet Properties helps you make homebuyers the easiest decision thanks to its Commute map feature powered by

Signet Properties partnered with the leading data aggregator service for commuting options in Metro Manila as part of its efforts to make real estate decisions a whole lot faster. combines routes across various modes to get you to the fastest and most efficient routes.

Also accessible on a Property Page’s Street View, homebuyers are only one click away to know if commuting to and from the selected property can be a hassle or not.

Modes of transportation available in include real-time commute options via a combination or just one of the following options: 

  • Jeepney 

  • Bus 

  • Premium bus/P2P 

  • Train 

  • UV 

  • E-Jeep 

  • Ferry 

  • Tricycle (BETA) 

Results will even provide estimated total commute fees if available. 

Also available in a stand-alone web or mobile app via the App Store and Google Plan, the partnership and integration of’s best features allow homebuyers to make informed decisions, down to the very detailed ones. 

Users who are accessing the Commute feature can even set the time to leave or arrive at a designated place from the selected property. The feature will also show alternative routes as well as the duration of your travel. After choosing a route, it will contain detailed steps on how to arrive at your target destination. This includes the mode of transportation and fare. 

The Commute feature also has the ability to accept suggestions for alternative routes. This way, homebuyers who are knowledgeable about the property can also help other homebuyers who have no idea how to navigate to their chosen property. co-founder Philip Cheang once said in an interview that this ability allows them to aggregate information from people who actually have “insider” knowledge about the streets. He once said in an interview, “It could serve that same purpose. Okay, I'm on a jeep that's not here yet, why don't I record this path? Or if I’m on a computer now, I can just draw a route that passes here. Ir I see a route on the website that's wrong, why don't I submit a correction? We're going to try to build that data via people submitting corrections, additions, via crowdsourcing.

Photo taken at a symbolic strategic partnership signing last August 30, 2019. L-R: Dan Munoz, Head of Web Administrators of Signet Properties; Alfonso Martinez, Head of Marketing of; Pao Salvan, Head of Research of; Philip Cheang, Co-Founder of; Kenneth Yu, Co-Founder of; Jan Andre Mercado, Founder and CEO of Signet Properties.

Moreover, the commute options are as real-time as they can be, thanks to the technological and big data advances has made since its conception.  The results can change factoring road conditions due to weather or the traffic density, among other things.

Understanding A Property’s Location in a New Light

Imagine being able to get the latest commute information on a property you are eyeing to buy: how congested the nearby thoroughways are, what routes to take best to and from the property, and government advisories on road closures and rerouting schemes surrounding that property, all in one place. The Property Pages at Signet Properties can do just that, powered by

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