May 15, 19By Mia Dela Torre
More and more people have been looking for alternative modes of transport to contend with the everyday traffic situation that the Philippines has today. A favorable option is to buy a condo or to rent one that is walkable to the office, or school, or to specific points of interest. 

But coupled with the lack of parking and rising gas prices, it comes as no surprise then that among motorists in the Metro, there is a fast-growing rise of electric scooter users. Some of them have been seen in the busiest of streets lately. While these scooters look just like the ones you may have had as a kid, it comes with the added benefits of being a more economical, environmentally sustainable and convenient choice.

The Appeal of the E-Scooter

Adrian Bicomong, a longtime user of the electric mobility device, shares his experience of owning one. 

“Nowadays, we see a lot of people riding those things that look like a scooter; some people call it (an) electric scooter, but for a more technical term, you could call it Electric Kick Scooter or EKS,” he remarks. 

When asked what got him interested in using one, Adrian says that it was primarily the appeal of avoiding traffic congestion, a problem he’s all too familiar with after almost a decade of working. In fact, while living in Alabang, Adrian would spend a daily average of 2 and a half hours on the road in the past.

With the e-scooter, Adrian is happy to claim that the commute now only takes him 10 minutes to get him to his office in BGC. Comparing it to his commute via his personal car, the travel time takes him up to 50 minutes to go home.

If that’s not enough reason, it should be noted that parking becomes less of a problem as the electric kick scooter is also a space-saving solution. The e-scooter can be folded up to a compact state. It is also designed to be portable as well.

“You can stow it in a car trunk, and you can even bring it into most malls, especially in BGC,” he says.


The electric kick scooter's benefits definitely make it an excellent agent to boost urban mobility. But is it easy for one to get into the lifestyle? 

New users need not worry about taking any special classes to master riding an e-scooter. As long as you maintain core balance on a slim platform, it is considerably much easier to operate as compared to a car or a bicycle. In fact, Adrian said that within a few minutes, riders can learn to step onto the scooter and regulate the throttle before heading out on their own. 

When it comes to places where to purchase one, Adrian recommends UCM Motors near Libis, which has in-house experts in ATVs or all-terrain vehicles. 

Lastly, Adrian suggests to join online communities of like-minded individuals to keep up to speed with the latest updates e-scooter and regulatory updates. Some of the recommended Facebook groups include Electric Kick Scooter Philippines, EKS Marketplace, and E-scooter Club of the Philippines. This way, new users can also join helpful discussions and find insights on how to be a responsible and informed electric kick scooter rider.

While the prospect of speeding around locations with high traffic volume such as BGC, Ortigas Center, or Makati with ease may seem highly attractive, Adrian says it’s easier to “bail out on an electric scooter when you’re using it,” comparing it to a bike where one must first be mounted.

 Are you making the e-switch?

Adrian shared that some employers are now more receptive to e-scooters as a viable transport solution that they fully support employees bringing in their personal scooters to work. They even allow employees to charge their e-scooters at work during their shifts. 

Another feature Adrian appreciates is the fact that he can use this e-scooter as his go-to transport now. He said the e-scooter allows him more time to spend with friends. E-scooters on a single charge can reach up to 10,000 km.

“It really helps me carve out time for more relationships—talking to people, talking to friends, and talking [about] stuff more important than traffic,” he says.

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