Jul 22, 20By Maryl Robleza

All professionals are getting more creative in finding solutions in marketing their products and services to clients especially during this New Normal. Real Estate Brokers are also facing a new challenge to seal deals despite the limitation in mobilization and face to face encounters with potential buyers. However, there are also great opportunities that are opening up in the New Normal. People are realizing the value of investing in their own space and soon, people will start buying bigger houses to accommodate their home office space and their living space altogether. The question is, how do you maximize online marketing amid this pandemic? Here are some tips. 

Build your online presence- With the limited physical interactions, your clients will assess your digital presence to weigh your credibility and trustworthiness. Hence, this is the time to update and amp up your Linkedin profile and other Social Media Accounts. Let them know that you are a real estate broker and keep your followers posted about your career and activities. Update your photos and make sure that everything you post will be supplemental to your target audience. 

Create content that provides value- People are interested in real estate but oftentimes, they just have questions and inquiries. Provide people with useful information about the industry. You can do this by setting up a blog that features topics, FAQs, and other fun facts about buying a home or a property. These types of content can reach a wider market through Facebook advertising and SEO. These types of blogs can also be sent out to your email database through email marketing. Informative resources go a long way and can help build a positive image of you online. 

Guide your clients towards the virtual experience of finding a space - Modern real estate platforms like Signet, optimize user experience by making property hunting more convenient and time-efficient. Be with them in the process of finding developers in a certain city and suggest different options for rent and for sale in a given area. You can also host virtual tours and call your clients via Zoom or Google Meet to showcase the area they are looking at. Be the extension of the experience by reaching out to them and suggesting properties that fit their needs and budget. Lead your clients to the properties you are selling through Signet and highlight its  360 degree aerial view feature so they can virtually see the location of your property. 

There are a lot of ways to maximize the use of online marketing, especially during this time. The key insight here is to be adaptable and agile to the changes and always prioritize how to make your client’s experience as good as possible. This is the right time to explore the digital landscape in building your brand as a trusted and reputable real estate broker. 


Digital Marketing Institute, TrueLogic