Sep 13, 19By Rizza Sta Ana

Buying a condo, house and lot, or a townhouse in the Philippines has never been easy. Even with the advent of property listings in social media, it can be overwhelming to a Filipino who dreams of buying a home for the family or a condominium unit for investment. Like how should one know if that two-story townhouse for sale in Manila on Facebook is a great deal? Or if that house and lot for sale in Alabang a friend shared was a good find?

For someone who is ready and wants to take the first step in owning a home but needs help in deciding on what, where, and which property is the best real estate choice, an online real estate website is the answer. 

Nowadays, most online real estate websites are designed in a way to make the homebuying process feel like online shopping -- simply type in a few search keyword preferences, get listings based on the provided preferences, and settle on one or two that are closest. A real estate broker who owns the selected listing gets in touch, and depending on how good or convenient the transaction will be for the homebuyer, a sales contract signing is on the horizon.

But in the real world, not all homebuyers have the ideal experience with a real estate website. But there is one such website that aims to make the end-to-end homebuying process more efficient, and at the very least, leave homebuyers more well-informed and empowered with their real estate decisions.

Signet Properties: The One-Stop Real Estate Hub for Philippine Properties

Signet Properties is the latest real estate website that aims to improve the online property hunting and investing experience. Established in 2018, Signet Properties is developed to not only make property hunting easier, but also provide real estate insights valuable in making that homebuying decision.

Signet Properties function just like any other real estate website. Simply type a city or a development project on the Search field. Users can refine listing results by choosing a property type for rent or sale.

Users can also search properties by clicking the Navigate main menu tab and choose a real estate hotspot of their choosing for an interactive view of listing results. At the moment, the Navigate option can filter and show listings in Bonifacio Global City, Katipunan, Commonwealth, Calamba, Pasig, and Ortigas Center in Metro Manila, but there are plans to add more locations.

Users can also search by City, Developer or Brokerage. Signet Properties is steadily amassing thousands of listings from some of the biggest players in Philippine real estate, including Ayala Land, Alveo Land, Megaworld, DMCI, Avida, SMDC, Ortigas & Co, and Robinson Communities.

Technology meets real estate

But this is where Signet Properties strives to be different. The homepage first showcases an interactive 360-degree aerial view of featured Projects in Metro Manila. Each project, which is represented by a clickable pin in the aerial view, allows users to visit its dedicated Project Page.

The website also has a growing database of Project Pages, which are essentially digestible briefs of featured real estate development projects in the Philippines. Each Project has a dedicated Page with verified project information and additional data to help homebuyers with better home comparison options because of Signet Properties’ tech initiative with its strategic partners. For example, the commute functions on Signet Properties' homepage and Project Pages is courtesy of popular web and mobile service

The map on the Project Page can also show homebuyers the nearest malls, restaurants, and shops the Project Page is. Soon, it will also allow users to filter according to crime rate and demographics.

One of Signet Properties’ most useful features is its mortgage calculator, which is embedded in every Project Page. Although it is not directly tied to listing prices, this tool is great nonetheless for those who are on a specific homebuying budget. Should they need someone to make a computation for them, a secure form is available to provide their contact information and a real estate broker will reach out for the requested information.

Some properties also come with a high-definition, 3D model of the units for sale. This is a delightful tool, especially for engaged couples who are making plans for their first home in the future or a growing family who needs more living space.

If for some reason the homebuyer does not like the Project after all, it only takes a scroll down to check Related Projects that they can visit, navigate and consider as their future real estate investment.

On the other hand, it still does not address other aspects of the property hunting journey that makes searching for a condo, house and lot, or townhouse for sale in the Philippines. Signet Properties vows to address some of those aspects to provide a convenient end-to-end solution not only to property buyers, but also property sellers as well.

The New Lead Generation Model

According to a cross-industry research, over 22% of all sales-qualified leads (SQLs) turn into actual customers, and this percentage varies per industry. A data and tech-driven lead generation provider that allows real estate agents and brokers to connect sales-qualified property buyers reduces the time and effort screening online leads.

Founder and CEO of Signet Properties Jan Andre Mercado foresee this pain point in his first few months in the real estate industry. While working up the ladder as a business development in two of the top real estate tech platforms in the country, he observed that despite social media and digital advertising and the steady real estate growth, real estate agents and brokers are still working double-time in their marketing efforts to get more homebuyer leads. This is on top of spending time on clients in meetings, in home showings, and their million other questions to facilitate closings. 

Aside from the smart and tech advancements introduced in the website, Signet Properties prides itself with the efforts that they do on the business development side to keep up with the homebuyer demand.

Signet Properties find, screen and partners with registered brokers and real estate agents who can help innovate the website’s property listing database. Services offered include listing properties in the website, optimize for leads and promote them across social media platforms. Signet Properties also provide lead qualification and verification services so that real estate agents and brokers get the right leads that they need for possible sale conversion.

#AlwaysHome with Signet Properties

Backed with a dynamic, innovation-focused team, Mercado is confident that with the technological advancements and smart advertising services Signet Properties offer, they can not only improve the online homebuying experience, but also raise the company’s game as a formidable player in the online real estate marketplace.

Signet Properties shows no signs of stopping to make this happen. On August 28, the company represented the Philippines as one of the 27 startups that got shortlisted in the semi-pitch round of The JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition. Presented by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, The JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition provides a platform for all entrepreneurs and young people to jump start their dreams in Hong Kong. Winners win investments of up to US$5 million, US$100,000 in cash prizes, and more.

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