Jan 01, 20By Sam Morales

Dissecting these words first and foremost, A team is where individuals must have the same goal or objective they wish to achieve. Culture, on the other hand, consists of knowledge, concepts, and values shared by individuals through communication. 

Combining these definitions, Team Culture is how a team works together to reach their objective or goal. This shows the dynamic that defines the team's culture. Since change is constant, it means that a team's culture can grow and evolve. This starts by setting a goal or objective that the team must achieve and then taking action as a whole.

Team culture reflects the ideology of the organization. This is how the team envisions its goals and how to achieve its mission.

Why is Team Culture important?

Team culture encourages engagement and retention, this influences how individuals interact with their work and the company. It also affects the performance and motivational level of the employees. 

What is the Team Culture of Signet Properties like?

We have a family-like environment that supports each other and puts God at the center of everything, which boosts the team's morale.


Little things that we do every day is what builds the culture of the team. The way how we interact with one another and achieve our goals as a team. Caring for the welfare of others and not simply seeing them as resources for the company to use. 

Through our monthly huddles, this motivates us to work productively, strengthen solidarity as well as recognize the importance of improving the team. At random times, food is passed around to nibble on while working to energize ourselves. As they say, sharing is caring! 

Every Friday after work hours, the entire company if possible, stays for a random game as a way to build camaraderie. All of us in the workplace have an impact on the culture that is developed in our company. Everyone has a role in the company and each of those roles contributes to what the company becomes. 

Every month, a day is allotted for Employee Engagement. This event includes game nights, seminars and various activities that are not only focused on building rapport with other employees but also with God. This aids in spiritual development.  

We integrate all these with the help of our core values - innovation, peace, posterity, family, and impact. As they say, Culture eats strategy for breakfast!