Sep 20, 19By Rizza Sta Ana

So you are ready to buy a home. But for anyone prepared to take that homebuying plunge, searching for a condo for sale online does not stop at typing the right search keywords on the browser. There is still that effort one needs to put into screening through the search results based on property type, location, affordability of mortgage payments, and even amenities or the kind of lifestyle the property is selling. And then there is a considerable effort in engaging and facilitating a potential sale with the real estate agent or broker behind the sale.

A lot of this effort can be reduced when you know where to go. Whether you are looking for a BGC condo for sale or a condo for sale in Makati, we’ll walk you through which are the worst and best places to find a condo for sale:

Worst Places to Find Condos for Sale

  1. Google is not always your friend. Contrary to what is advertised and whatever you read about the advanced algorithm search engines have to provide you the results closest to your search keywords, they don’t normally provide the best sites you should be looking into. The websites shown in the search results are based on a series of criteria, including popularity and ability to put in as many popular search keywords in their content. But why shouldn’t you try at least the top ones? Search engines like Google offer this much-coveted section as ad space. 

  1. Avoid Facebook groups. Joining Facebook groups specifically targeted to share condos for sale seems like a good idea. After all, information shared there is by group members, so there is no bias involved. There can be also lots of activity, especially if a member asks or posts a hot topic that will garner general interest in the group. But not all groups have this kind of community activity. Moreover, there is no way to verify posts shared there, and that the posts are mostly biased towards the one who shared it in the first place and comes with an opt-in form to capture your contact details, which is a big data security risk. 

  1. Avoid Facebook ads. Ah, Facebook ads. Lots of pretty pictures and some engaging copies. Unless it is the property you are looking for and are amenable with the sale terms, these ads tend to follow you around. More so when you like the associated Facebook page. Sometimes, they rarely provide information that is valuable and necessary to arrive at a decision, such as commute options, accessibility to points of interest and developer profile.

  1. Avoid Instagram listing. Instagram rarely captures the real deal behind each post. No wonder “influencers” thrive on the social media platform because it allows them to curate and glamorize their posts that are true to what they want to sell. So is it still a surprise that listings from this global platform make it on our list? 

  1. Avoid Agents who advertise as property specialists in social media or on their website. You will probably run into a property specialist online who can supposedly help you with your property search. And why not if he or she can get you the best price for a condo in Cebu CityMind you, a real estate agent or broker will never direct you to a condo for sale deal offered in another brokerage or by a competing agent. Sometimes, that real estate agent or broker is using a shared inventory with other agents and/or brokers that it is possible that the condo initially advertised online is still available or available on the advertised price.

The Best Places to Find Condos for Sale

Most home buyers have little idea of where to find condos for sale online. The only real criteria in finding the best site is if it offers as-is, to detailed, transparent information.

  1. A multiple listing site. A multiple listing site is a national website of listings database by a group of accredited brokers. A multiple listing site requires users to sign up to get access to the listings database, and in some cases receive an updated list of new listings periodically. The great thing about this is that there is a real person behind each listing and that you can also visit a selected broker’s other listings to determine his property area of specialty.

  1. Property auction sites. Banks and financing institutions such as the Pag-IBIG Fund often release a list of condos for sale. These properties are mostly a result of loan defaults with such institutions and are usually sold as below-market property prices. However, some of these properties come with a financing or legal complexity or two or are located in areas not necessarily real estate hotspots.

  1. A real estate marketplace. A real estate marketplace challenges the bounds of the traditional real estate buying system. Signet Properties is a leading real estate website that not only simplifies the property hunting process but also integrates technology to provide better, value-added service, making every engagement with the real estate agent or broker after property hunting a meaningful transaction. Signet Philippines utilizes the best of technology advancements today such as 360-degree aerial views of real estate hotspots, 3D unit model views, mortgage calculator, big data integration with strategic partners like popular commute information service, and a well-curated growing database of Project Pages interlinked to the most popular neighborhoods in the Philippines. 

The accelerated growth of its listings and Projects databases is courtesy of its Developer and Brokerage partners, including Ayala Land, Alveo Land, Megaworld, DMCI, Avida, SMDC, Ortigas & Co, and Robinson Communities.

Buying a condo for sale for your future home or investment is a big commitment, and searching for the right property can be a big headache. The only way to make it more smooth and easy is knowing where to go so you can be smart about your choice.

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