Oct 28, 19By Rizza Sta Ana

Most homebuyers often factor their superstitious beliefs when it comes to buying a condo, townhouse or house and lot. This and the other legal and financing questions, it can be overwhelming to real estate agents and brokers if what appears to be a simple issue can diffuse any chance of landing a sale.

Here are some of the common superstitions buyers have:

1. Numerology

Filipinos have adopted several Chinese beliefs regarding numerology. For example, home addresses and unit numbers with the number 4 are considered “unlucky” because it sounds like the word “death.” Numbers 3 and 9 are considered lucky. Buying properties located in number 17 is frowned upon. The number 8 is preferred as it is considered the luckiest number of them all.

2. Feng Shui

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is also considered when it comes to purchasing properties. Properties with good feng shui are preferred because it is believed that the energy forces harmonize individuals with their preferred properties and their surrounding environments.

Buyers will often take a look into a property’s feng shui in terms of its location placement, the architecture, and even exterior and interior design before considering buying the property. The most detail-oriented ones will even observe the flow and density of traffic to check if the property has good energy. 

3. Face

The “face” of a property is an important consideration for most property buyers. Properties that exude prestige or are situated in well-known or popular addresses convey success and wealth. For example, properties that are near high-end landmarks like lifestyle parks like Bonifacio High Street, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Burgos Circle, and UP-Ayala Land Technohub are more favorable to buyers.

4. Location

If there is one location customers wouldn’t want to live near in, it’s a cemetery. Similar to a lot of people who don’t like living in a house that belonged to a previous owner who had died, a property that is located near a cemetery is not that appealing. There are buyers who believe or don’t get past the fact that their future home or investment is near a cemetery.

5. Ownership

Even buyers brought up with western culture sensibilities would think twice about buying ready for occupancy properties that are previously owned by estates or people who have died. While some will be offered at bargain prices, the thought of owning it will probably daunt them.

How to manage superstitious buyers

Ultimately, it is important to note that nothing can beat transparency. To reduce the number of inquiries and follow-ups about properties, real estate agents and buyers can follow the listed tips:

1. Listing should be complete

A real estate listing should have the following details:

  • Property type

  • Property complete address

  • Property condition (e.g. pre-selling, RFO bare, RFO furnished)

  • Turnover (for pre-selling) or building date (for RFO)

  • Property developer

  • Rooms available

  • Parking availability

  • Proximity to points of interest

  • Number and list of common areas

  • Total contract price

  • Available financing options

2. Use high-quality pictures

Pictures can tell a thousand words or more. And this is more so when clients need to know what the exterior and the interior of the property looks like. Pictures should also include the property’s surroundings so clients will have a visual idea of where the property is located.

3. Provide other interactive means of information

Signet Properties utilizes technology such as 360-degree aerial views for clients to be able to view the surrounding neighborhood of a property they want to invest in. The company also utilizes 3D model unit views for pre-selling properties to provide a way for clients to visualize the property even if the unit has not been built and/or turned over yet. 

4. Answer honestly

If there’s anything a client does not like, it is being “sold” at. Clients can detect if a real estate agent or broker is “selling” instead of answering truthfully. A good real estate agent or broker should be able to address if the property is not to the client’s preferences but is able to share his or her opinion and rationale as to why it is worth consideration.

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