Mar 17, 20By Sam Morales

If you are a real estate agent who is currently limited with delivering real estate services to your potential and current customers right now because of the latest community quarantine guidelines in effect due to the coronavirus, you are not alone.

But you should know that the current downtime can be a great opportunity for you to expand your professional skills.Especially if the skills you will be learning during your downtime could lead to landing more clients, closing sales more quickly, or building genuine relationships with your customers.

Here are the following skills real estate professionals should learn or brush up right now:

1. Vlogging

Vlogging, or video logging, is a preferred form of communication, more so for millennial's. Even if it contains some form of advertising, videos are preferable content your clients will most likely digest as compared to, say reading a very long property newsletter. 

Showing your properties for sale or rent via vlogging will also help you capture your sales pitch in a form of content that you can re-share in tandem with your property listings at Signet Properties, but also allows you to present your properties to clients who cannot make it to your trippings or showrooms for the time being.

TIP: When showing houses using vlogging, talk using real estate know-how and logic using simple words that your clients can understand.

2. Social media engagement

Social media is the fastest and the most accessible way for prospective homebuyers to consult with professionals about real estate matters. While social distancing might be in effect, social media can be your greatest tool not only in getting your properties marketed online, but also engage people who are interested in knowing more about your property towards the next investment step.

And even if people are not inclined to buy yet, it makes sense to utilize social media to cultivate your professional connections and establish your reputation as a real estate expert. Your connections may not like the properties you initially offered, but you will definitely be their go-to person for buying or selling properties.

It is common knowledge that every urban Filipino has a smartphone or has access to one. And as Filipinos spend a large chunk of their time on social media, it makes sense to utilize the social network to build your reputation as a real estate expert and eventually, a go-to person for buying or selling properties. More often than not, social media is the fastest and the most accessible way for prospective homebuyers to consult with professionals about real estate matters.

TIP: Learn to recognize and block trolls. If you do encounter them, be polite and immediately block them. You can also hide their responses to clean up your social media feed.

Because the Internet is a free for all, your social channels will most likely include the occasional social addicts looking for any avenue to increase their “follows” and those who seek discord or war simply for attention (see trolls). If you encounter them in your social feeds, exercise patience by being polite when replying to them or choosing to ignore them. You can also moderate comments on your social feed by hiding their responses.

3. Automated Customer Service

It’s never a waste of time to learn how to automate customer service. In this cutthroat industry, how well you respond to property inquiries does matter.

If you are interacting with customers also outside of your property listings and project page subscriptions in Signet Properties, start looking at your other forms of client communication and find ways to automate it. Gmail, for example, has a feature where you can set up automatic replies. You can also set up Auto Reply in Messenger as well to handle follow-ups. A FAQ post consisting of answers to top property buying questions can also provide more insights without needing to make a call to you. 

You can also utilize automated forms to gather client information or electronic documents (i.e. letter of intent) in the hopes of fast-tracking the sale. Develop a confidence-scoring system using Google Sheets to help you determine which clients you have provided satisfactory service are worth investing your time and effort towards property buying.

Which of these digital skills do you need help or need more information about? Let us know via our Facebook page!